Prince Khatri attended the Rank Prize 50th Anniversary Event

On 4th-5th of July Prince Khatri attended the Rank Prize 50th anniversary event. It was a two day event where first day was dedicated to Prize distribution in the field of optoelectronics and nutrition. On second day, reserch visionary gave their talks focussed on the future of nutrition and optoelectronics in next 50 years. This was followed by a round table discussion and networking lunch session. Dr. Fabien Massabuau from Strathclyde SSD group gave a fantastic presentation on UV light sources and has been awarded Research visionary award.

The event was hosted by famous TV presenter and science communicator Prof. Jim Al-Kalili. In above photo, from left to right, Dr. Fabien Massabuau, Prof. Jim Al-Khalili and Dr Prince Khatri.

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